Dear Sir/Madam,resume PAUL Charley.pdf
I am currently HVAC mechanic (keyword 7313 at NOC). I would like to live in Canada for a year at least within the framework of IEC (International Experience Canada) program category Young Professional or Working Holiday. I'm looking for a full fixed-term employment contract (maximum 18 months) which would allow me to increase my knowledge and skills. My project is to leave France in February 2014 or later.

I think that my experience as HVAC mechanic, in addition with my work ethics and my commitment to the job would make me a good team menber.

I have some experience in the plumbing field and as refrigeration mechanic, and I am also specialized as HVAC mechanic.
My broad experience has given me useful product knowledge : I am skilled and able to work alone for current servicing on boilers, refrigeration system, split system,roof top and air handling unit. I am also able to fix or repair these equipments.

Please find my CV enclosed.
I remain at your disposal for any vacancy pertaining to my skills.
Yours sincerely,

Charley PAUL