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    Heat Pumps + Oil heating

    My HVAC company suggested installing a (electric) heat pump as an additional heat source to cut down my astronomical oil heating cost. Oil heat would still be used as a backup, when outside temperature goes too low (Note I live in New England area). My questions are: 1) Are electric heat pumps effective in this region? (2) At what outside temperature they start to become ineffective source for heating?

    (Note I have to replace my current outside AC unit (used for cooling the indoors) anyways due to some other issue, and I am thinking of replacing with heat pump if it is worth it)

    thanks in advance for your help

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    In general, heat pumps rapidly lose efficiency below freezing.

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    But more than half your degree days are above 30 degrees.

    They work very well in the north, less than half the cost per BTU.
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