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    SCOTUS is political and for sale

    Well… the govt is always up to something… It would appear SCOTUS is totally political … and they are for sale.

    I wonder how much $$$ (campaign contributions) BHO and the DEMS (and the GOP) got from this one…

    And IMO what is interesting is: This was more or less buried in the news of the day. I guess making one of the most profitable industries in the country exempt from litigation is not as important as a murder trial of a teenage gangsta wannabee.
    When us Americans grow up... we might get control of our country back.

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    The decision is a travesty. But how do you get from a Supreme Court decision with a conservative majority to "I wonder how much $$$ (campaign contributions) BHO and the DEMS (and the GOP) got from this one…".

    This BHO must be some kind of guy to wield that much power.

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    I lost all respect for the supreme court back in 2000. when they voted totally along party lines 5-4 to basically decide who won the presidential election. The issue concerned the Florida recount and on its face should not of had anything to do with which President originally appointed them. But not one of them on either side had the balls to go against the party that appointed him/her, even though already appointed and untouchable.

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    Only thing I know about the supreme court is this...... If you are ever out with Clarence Thomas....dont take any food or drink that he offers you....
    The bible is my constitution and the constitution is my bible.

    WE THE PEOPLE refers to THEM and not YOU.

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