Hi, I am in southwest Pennsylvania and have a 2-story 2000 sq foot (plus 1000 sq foot unfinished basement/garage) home with forced-air oil furnace and 10 SEER central A/C (both 15 seasons old). Due to the SIGNIFICANTLY high cost of oil (paying $3000+ (910 gallons) to heat our home each winter!), I am looking at replacing A/C with a heat pump (13 or 14 SEER, or higher?). Also considering replacing the furnace with an electric furnace, which is the decision that is holding me from moving ahead. I had been told over the years to avoid electric, but since oil has increased 6-fold! I believe electric is now in play. I guess I need to somehow calculate the cost for 1. heat pump/less oil/somewhat higher electric bills vs 2. heat pump/electric furnace/no oil/much higher electric bills vs 3. current oil furnace. Gas is not a choice since no gas lines are nearby, otherwise I would have a gas furnace and not be asking these questions. I currently pay 4.99cents/Kwh thru Sep 2014, though that will likely go up in the future. Should I or should I not be concerned with big spikes in my electric bill, and also about whether the 2nd floor will be as warm in the winter with an electric furnace and as cool in the summer with a heat pump. Advice and/or recommendations, please. Thanks! John."