I did apartment maintenance work in my younger days. Not everyone in that line of work is an excuse making knuckle dragger, but I knew some who were!

If a guy doing apartment work gets really good doing a/c, often he then chomps for greener pastures, and goes after it. Leaving the knuckle draggers behind. Add to that the pay for apt. maintenance isn't all that great, and there you have it.

Also, it doesn't matter what experiences you may have felt "foolish" about in the past. The point NOW is that you're uncomfortable NOW. Unhappy tenants are what make more "turnover" work for apartment maintenance men. If you get ticked off and move out, he has to come in and get your apartment ready for the next tenant. And if he doesn't fix the problem that ticked you off, the next tenant might do the same thing. Happy tenants make everyone's life easier...sometimes it's hard for a manager and his staff to see that when all day long the screaming ones outweigh the happy ones.

That is why you must be polite but firm every time you deal with the management. Stand your ground but don't be a jerk or whiner. If they still balk and give you crap, they are merely unprofessional and you deserve to look elsewhere for an apartment when your lease is up or such...