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    New Engineer in Tennessee

    Hey guys. I just graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and started in the HVAC field. I thought I wanted to do design but wound up in sales. *flame suit on* I am enjoying it a lot and joined the forum to gain whatever knowledge I can. I know you all don't have the fondest impressions of the sales world but hopefully that wont be the case with me.

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    And you didn't even mention opinion of Engineers! JK. Welcome aboard.
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    Ha yeah I guess I combined the two evils huh? Sometimes I forget that no one likes either one.

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    Welcome aboard, do you work for an hvac distributer or a dealer/contractor?

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    We're a Manufacturer’s rep for Aaon, Armstrong and BAC among others.

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    Don't want to be behind a desk? I graduated EE but found it boring so it was up on the roof for me!

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    It wont be as much behind a desk as design would be. It's definitely stressful but I'd rather be busy than sizing ductwork until my eyes crossed.

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