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    Question What should I learn?

    Hey guys,

    I'm starting my degree track in HVAC this fall and I'm expected to finish by the same time next year. The core program includes HVAC classes (of course), but also some fundamental electrical and industrial engineering courses. There are some electives that are left up to me to decide on and I wanted your opinion on what topics I should focus on as a future HVAC technician:

    - Welding
    - Residential/industrial electricity (taking a lot of electrical classes regardless, but there are several classes that are residential or industrial specific)
    - Electrical troublshooting and control systems (two classes which are not part of the program)
    - Mechanical maintenance/installation
    - Engineering (statics, dynamics, materials, etc.)
    - Machine shop operations

    I wish I could take all of them! I plan on asking my advisor the same questions, but I figured I might get the best response here since you all practice HVAC every day. I appreciate any suggestions!

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    Electrical troubleshooting and controls and mechanical maint would be most helpful IMHO. All would be helpful. DDC is the future so any control classes you can get will get you max benefit for your time.

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    I'm going to suggest the Engineering, if it covers theory. You need to have a good understanding of how things are supposed to work and why.
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