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    Quote Originally Posted by Northfloridatech View Post
    This may sound stupid for the seasoned vets here but as a young tech in the busness I like more education topics added more or less toward air flow issue problem solving and duct design.I work for a very busy company and do not really have the time to find a classroom that teaches this stuff but I am finding that a lot of resi systems seem like there main problem is improper airflow.
    Northfloridatech -- right on. I understand completely and will try to add more of these types of articles. Just as an FYI -- we do have a number already written and on our website. Not sure if you've read them or not, but here are some links to just a few:

    Increasing Airflow by Installing New Blower Assembly

    Recalculating Filter PSI drops at higher airflows

    Determining Required Return Grille Airflow

    How to Find System-Required Airflow

    Hope this helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the editor View Post
    Well product advertising is how we make our money, toocoolforschool. It's also what enables us to have articles in the magazine. However, focusin more on tech, marketing, and finance strategies is great input and I intend to do more of that.
    I know, I'm a Smart A@@ no harm meant.
    It's not if your doing it right it's whether your doing the right thing that is important.

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    How to deal with bad customer reviews. FWIW, the guy that gave the seminar last year and was selling his services and wanted you to sign up so he could get you good customer reviews, was worthless.

    I Googled his company while in his seminar, he had more bad reviews than you could shake a stick at, I called him out on it in the seminar, he was seriously upset with me.

    Oh well.

    See my post here!

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