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    HFC refrigerant/POE oil compatibility with solder

    I remember reading that leaded solder could not be used for refrigerant since it slowly erodes away. Is that true? (I understand that leftover flux causes a lot of problems so I'll definitely clean that off.)

    To be clear, the application is for making a float inside a phase separator and the solder does not hold back any pressure. The tube I'm using to make the float is pretty thin brass so brazing could easily overheat and burn a hole in the tube.

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    What solder you using? There is no lead in solder anymore unless you got some old stuff.

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    Harris staybrite 8 and their flux is great, but I'd braze if it's r410a, just my gut feeling...they claim their staybrite 8 produces a joint stronger than a brazed one because of copper annealing in brazing

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