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    Thumbs up Taking EPA test in a few weeks can't find some answers in the school given literature

    I am a new up and coming HAVC/R guy and am in the middle of my training and my EPA test is coming up soon and i'd appreciate some of your feedback regarding answers to some specific questions bc like i said the literature the institution provided me with doesn't have all of these answers, any help/feedback/answers are HIGHLY appreciated as I know we are a bunch of busy guys. All of these dates have me pulling my hair out. Again like had said I am somewhat new to this field so please mind my ignorance. So here goes:

    1. How can the recovery process speed be increased?
    2. Is it legal to vent refrigerant until November 14, 1994 as long as you are certified by that date?
    3. Does service on a household refrigerator require Type II Cert? T or F
    4. For small appliance use, a recovery device manufactured after Nov. 15, 1993 must be capable of? (this question is listed on the practice sheet 3 times exactly the same question)
    5. A Type I Tech can service a package air unit air conditioner with a charge not exceeding?

    Ill just throw these 5 up for now, ANY feed back would be very appreciated.
    Regards, Jon

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    GO to this site and read the manual all the answers are right there.

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