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    Geothermal Heat Pump Problem...

    Problem: Evap coil is icing up and not cooling space down to setpoint.
    R410A 340 High Side 76.5 Low Side
    10.7 degrees F Subcooling
    78 degrees F EWT
    82.5 degrees F LWT
    SA - 64.6 degrees F
    RA 74.4 degrees F
    Superheat 55.9

    These are the technical data values that are listed in the manual for cooling:
    244PSI High side 81PSI Low side
    8 degrees F Subcooling
    51.2 degrees F EWT
    65.4 LWT
    SA 48
    RA 71
    Superheat 12

    I think i know what is wrong, but i've only had a small about of experience working on geothermal heat pumps. I'd like to know what someone with more experience thinks. Thanks in advance for your response's. Unit is a Northern Heat Pump MN: RAVE-312-C131

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    Look at it like its an air to air. You're not having trouble with the water side. Still doing the same thing.

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    What is the flow rate through the loop? What is the Heat of Rejection? Why are you putting a gauge set on the unit BEFORE performing the HR/HE calculations?


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    Tommyz23: If it were an air to air, i would think the TXV is stuck closed and needs to be replaced.

    Bergy: I have never checked the flow rate through a loop. How would i do it? I'm not sure what the HR/HE calculations are. Can you explain?

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