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    Northern California Contractor referral please


    I live in a 3,500 two story house in the mid peninsula in Northern California and am replacing my old furnace and installing air conditioning for the first time. I've received three bids but only feel comfortable with one vendor so far, yet they haven't talked about a Manual J calc or supply vs returns. I've combed my friends for referrals but am hoping that someone can add a name or two to the mix.

    So far everyone seems to be focused on Carrier, which I am fine with, but all three have a very different approach. One thinks that both furnace and a/c can go into a rather small closet in the middle of the house, one proposes two units (one in attic and one outside) and yet another feels that the furnace inside and the a/c outside is the best solution.

    Any help or advice is appreciated.


    "Dazed and Confused"

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    Where ya at? Redding?

    I know Timberline heating there is well respected.

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    Modesto CA
    where are you at? I'm in Modesto

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    Give us a call

    We're in RWC and we do quality work (including load calcs!). Check us out on the web at .

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