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    Quote Originally Posted by brik32544 View Post
    Thank you JDenyer232.
    The Tecumseh chart, as you said is not for quick reference (it is much easier to use than the CERN one though) like the glossy pt charts we can get for the other refrigerants.
    I even looked on eBay and none of the charts there had the R600a.

    I guess I will have to make do....
    You could always take the data from the CERN chart and put it into a spreadsheet in an easy to read format. Then print it out and have it laminated to carry with you. Just a thought.

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    Ha ha,..... at last ...here is the reason why noone...or very few in the US know about R600a and R600.....
    This has been taken by the EPA website.....


    "According to EPA, flammable hydrocarbon refrigerants as a replacement for CFC-12 pose a special challenge because air-conditioning and refrigeration systems in the United States have been designed to use nonflammable refrigerants. They are not designed to protect users, service technicians, and disposal personnel from the possibility of fire. Therefore, the use of flammable hydrocarbon refrigerants as a replacement for CFC-12 in existing systems may pose a risk not found with nonflammable fluids. EPA does not allow the use of flammable hydrocarbon refrigerants as a replacement for CFC-12 except for industrial process refrigeration"
    ......This situation differs from Europe where hydrocarbon-based refrigerants such as R-290 (propane), R-50 (methane), and R-600 (butane) are commonly used. These hydrocarbon refrigerants, which have a low GWP and zero ODP that makes them green refrigerants, however, are flammable and not currently used in the United States.
    So it is likely that no refrigeration technician in the US has these PT charts....

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    To be honest, the risk of fire is not so low, it only takes a moment of distraction and as a technician (that is used to the non flammable refrigerants) brazes a valve on a suction line and bang!!!
    There are fire hazard signs on all the compressors...but believe me they are almost invisible and hard to notice.

    The Germans have developed a LokRing system (which costs a fortune) and crimps all the accessories to the R600 units without the need for flames..... however...my experience is that these lead to frequent micro, capillary leaks...

    I think I've gone well and truely "out of thread"...

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    Take a look at the "Refrigerant TP - PT Chart" web app here: http://boxload.tecumseh.com/
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    Thank you Andrew, that is a very nice web app.

    It has a choice of a few gases and includes my beloved R600a and R600.

    It's only drawback is that Tecumseh only includes Psig and not kPag which means one has to subtract 101.3, which is not too difficult as long as one remembers....
    It also has the option to print a PDF! excellent.

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