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    New hvac/r trainee, just finished school

    The real world of the trade is waaaaaay different than the world of school....i like it so far apart from a few minor details. Learned a lot about unistrut hanging and pipe insulation in my first month!

    Can't wait to move from the install team to service..i like troubleshooting more than grunt work but as a trainee there is only one place to start, the bottom. Any advice appreciated!


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    Haha I was there not too long ago, totally different from the lab environment. Not to mention the things that are done differently in the field, Im glad I started at install though, gives a good base to know how a fresh system should operate. A nice building block of the overwhelming amount of knowledge to acquire and try to remember.

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    Welcome Mark, the grass is always greener on the other side...enjoy the install work while you got it. It's a lot more fun and a lot less pressure.

    I worked for a top notch piping outfit when I was an apprentice, if the work wasn't perfect, the jman would make me do it over without making a big deal about it. They weren't being fussy pricks, they just maintained very high standards. Nothing better then getting compliments on super clean work.

    I saw you wanted your venting post torn down, screw that. I'd rather have it up for you to revisit in 5 or 10 years. You'll be surprised how different your outlook will be with regard to the trade, the workers, and how things get handled. In 20, your views that you had at the 10 year mark will again be very different.

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