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    No Zimmerman threads?'s my rant

    This whole case is disgusting, and not only because there was a murder.

    I think conservatives were duped in this case.
    I think liberals and the media knew from day one this would result in a conviction and they brought in questions of gun ownership and "Florida's stand your ground law" just to cause a big scandal, because they don't like either option.
    I don't think this case has anything to do with that crap.

    I think the one scream on the tape is from a black person.
    (that's probably why the media plays it all the time)
    ( Martins father said it wasn't him, his mother says it was)
    If it is Martin, there would be little logical claim to self defense.
    There's a good possibility that Zimmerman got sick of all the crime in the neighborhood (over 400 incidents)
    and executed the next person he found that was up to no good.
    There's also a possibility he had a run-in with Martin before.

    If a person is going to execute someone and the victim yells for help in an inhabited area, it would be a logical tactic that the executioner would also yell for help.

    Most of the credible witness accounts seem to be in Zimmerman's favor, but they all seem flimsy.

    Zimmerman's case has some weak points.
    * He can't say the kid didn't belong in the neighborhood
    * He never showed evidence, or even accused Martin of committing a specific crime (other than attacking him)
    * His story that Martin appeared out of the dark and clocked him is a little weak.

    By Constitutional law, in an incident where one person is killed and the other claims self defense, the law would have to take the side of the survivor.
    This could only be trumped by any witnesses or any forensic evidence.

    The forensic evidence in this case that i've heard has been weak.
    and misleading.

    Two audio "experts" each agree with the family that hired them.
    So i guess expert testimony doesn't mean crap.
    The judge throws out all of them.

    Unfortunately, our country no longer follows Constitutional law, we follow Marxist law,
    and that law states that if you use a gun you're are automatically guilty.
    also, black people receive preferential treatment at this time.

    Zimmerman's lawyer is a no-name goof.
    "knock knock, who is it?'s George Zimmerman"
    ...and that's when he's not tripping over his feet.
    It seems to me no REAL lawyers wanted to take Zimmerman's losing case.

    What we should be talking about is the obstruction of justice by the left.
    They loaded his jury with women who they expect to be sympathetic to the stories about video games and skittles.
    Why didn't they just ask people how they intended to vote? would have been the same thing.
    THE REASON WHY they selected 5 "white" women and one black one was so they can say Zimmerman was convicted by a nearly all white jury.
    As far as i'm concernced this case is already over.

    We're just watching people put their beaks on TV, hoping to be famous "experts".

    After the jury selection i saw an interview with Gloria Alred, ...she was claim ,...why wasn't she shrill?
    Because she knows with this jury selection it will end in a conviction too, otherwise she would be giving everyone the what-for.

    The left-wing blames white people for everything, then when there are no white people left, Zimmerman becomes an honorary white man.
    The way the left-wingers think is, you are either a Socialist or you're a Nazi.
    Since Zimmerman was carrying a gun and trying to fight crime, in their mind he's a Nazi.
    In the mind of the Socialist, if someone kills you, you may file a police report and hope for justice.

    I don't know , maybe Zimmerman deserves to go to jail.
    I'm more upset over the way the court system is being run, and the media being caught telling lies to drum up emotional response over the case.

    Every part of this case is sad.

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    Did the media really try to raise a discrimination case over Martin wearing a hoodie?
    Are going to pretend that is not a common way to hide your identity?

    Unfortunately, i think we will find the true guilty party in this incident is Martin's parents, who probably raised him to think it was cool to be a punk ass.

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    No Zimmerman threads, really?????

    How about the one YOU started and has over 700 replies thus far, as recently as today??????????

    Focus man.

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    So far, both sides have lied it would seem. We have terrible CSI evidence or the lack thereof. We have experts making improper opinions on the stand. We have Parents testifying on voice recognition on a horrible recording. We have a mess. What we don't have is a clear picture of Zimbo's depraved intent to hunt down and murder this punk. Follow him maybe more than he should have? Possibly. Follow him possibly hoping to run into him? Maybe. Following him so he might run into this punk and find an excuse for the cops to arrest the kid? That has not been explored yet. Following him with the obvious intent to hunt and kill the kid and have him dressed out ready to cut up into steaks before the cops arrive? Hasn't been proven yet. Not even close. There has been no testimony about comments made by Zimbo prior to this case that might be construed as suggesting Zimbo is so mad at these punks raiding his development that if just one gives him the chance, he's going to pop him some similar trash talk. None. No paraphernalia at Zimbo's place such as Soldier of Fortune magazines all over or anything glorifying shooting someone. No witnesses testified against Zimbo overhearing any comments about his hatred of punks getting away with murder at his place other than the lone comments on the 911. Those comments do reflect frustration but is that enough to prove "depravity"? I don't think so.

    There is no evidence suggesting Zimbo was hunting Martin with gun drawn, which would tend to indicate a depraved mind. Zimbo allowed the kid to get all the way up to him and engage in an altercation before the gun was drawn. If you're intending on shooting someone the last thing you would do is draw them into an altercation then hope you could get your gun free to shoot them. He only shot once. He did not unload the gun into the kid. He did not stand over the kid and execute him with a shot to the head. He fired stopping Martin's aggressive action and stood down. Where is the depravity in that?

    So far, I think all you Zimbo haters bought into the media bias and are not thinking objectively. Having said that, I agree with Wolfie that Zimbo will be railroaded and convicted on emotions and I agree its all be pre-ordained. It's much like our elections.

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    I hope you didnt actually waste 15.00 plus shipping on a shirt like that.....

    A big sharpie and a white t shirt would be a lot cheaper.

    3 months this all going to be forgotten...... unless of course the parties drag it out with movies and the like........ a tv special.....or two......

    Tonights movie of the week.....

    "If I had a son he would be just like that guy, you know the guy...that kid.....the one that got shot in florida. No, not that one... the other guy"
    The bible is my constitution and the constitution is my bible.

    WE THE PEOPLE refers to THEM and not YOU.

    Chewbacca Mom 2016

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    Quote Originally Posted by newoldtech View Post
    No Zimmerman threads, really?????

    How about the one YOU started and has over 700 replies thus far, as recently as today??????????

    Focus man.
    If I had a son, he would think like Wolfstrike,
    "You boys are really making this thing harder than it has to be". Me

    I like having infraction points, it makes me feel like 'one of the guys'.

    "I am not here to rescue you, I am bringing you along for emergency rations" Quark.

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