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    Question Copeland Scroll Superheat

    What are the min. and max. factory recommended operating suction superheats at the compressor for a Copeland Scroll compressor in an A/C R-22 application?

    How about min. and max. discharge superheat parameters for the same application?

    Any input appreciated. Thanks, in advance.

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    Unhappy this doesnt have just one answer

    it depends on the equipment mfg and what they are experiment doing
    trane is trying to run as high as 50 degrees of superheat at the suction on an fixed orfice application, under certain ambiant conditions, low load, low temps( 55 to 60 degrees) andall equipment running, meaning both circuits
    here is an chart i have

    notice on the upper left inside the lines, low suction, and low outdoor temps and superheat in the 50 to 55 range
    but not every mfg is doing this nor does it work either
    If you cant cool it
    HEAT THE Hello out of it

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