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...for the customer but after everything was tallied up, it translated into a pretty hefty hourly rate. Is this approach the trend in the industry?
unchallenged by any as they close more than half in a first call, and service as you saw: The fastest growing, is the most shocking, as you wrote "by the sheet" pre pricing levels.

It is whereas 80% of the profit goes to 20% to 25% of the contractors in most home trades and services according to those seminarians of sheet and booked pricing. Few are probably on blogs, but running many many appointments, pin-boards full, two or three in offices bussling.

BEEN THERE, and WATCH EM GROW; and get new and more trucks all nicely painted.
But too, they are the on time or free kind. The 24/7 at near same daily rates (already getting you in emergency room mode).

Helpers at over a bill an hour that are virtually non-techies to boot.

Flat price plus certain component pricing has not made me rich, but regular and helpful I would like to believe, and I have associates to fill in that also give calls to my co..