Hello, i am 34 years old and i am a former business owner/carrier dealer. I was hit by a car while walking 2 years ago, and was laid up and lost it all. I have no asperations of working for myself again. I am currently working for a company that used to be my competitor, and even though he hired me i feel like he is tring to hold me down, he makes jabs at hack jobs we go on and says " looks like a job (my ex companys name) put in. I have a college degree, i do not have a know it all attitude at all, i am proud of the jobs i did on my own.i am so humble, you allways learn in this business, however I cant learn much more, as I have installed hundreds of systems, and I dont want to say I am smarter than him, but you know. Anyway i needed a job BAD, and he knew it. And I appreciate it. The thing is i am an excellent service tech, its my life. He has me with another guy, and we are installing. I figure small company theres not enough service work now, and im ok with that. Then i see an add in the paper he is looking 4 a tech.the pay is awesome, it says 1000 sign on bonus, new truck, etc. Then i come in one mourning and theres a 24 year old and he is teaching him how to fill out service sheets. And its like, hello, im right here. Not being cocky but after 16 years of experience, and talking to this kid, he couldnt carry my tool bag. he has a uniform on the first day, which after 40 days i still dont have. The thing is i like the owner and I really need the job. Its like maybe im there so he can say yeah, his business folded and he works for me now. I mean i can build an electric furnace for instance, if the parts are in front of me from scratch. Its a small town, and I never spoke bad about another company, and maybe he has fixed some of my mistakes, but I have fixed a few they couldnt,when i was on my own, but ill never brag about it, or tell anyone. I hear him dog the competion a lot. I wish I could stay there, but I feel so disrespected. We have worked together only a couple times.
Heres a for instance, customer complains about airflow on a package unit (4 ton) couple months old. I tell him a 12" return isnt enough. Took the blower door off and it blows like a champ. He says it worked fine before. Has me clean the cond. Coil. He starts adding freon, says it boiled off. Couldnt clamp/subcool the lines, but i saw the gauges. It wasnt low. I honestly feel like the lack of return was not the prob. Because i thought of it. I will never speak up again I guess. Man i dont to find somewhere else, but i can see im being held back, possibly out of meaness.
So as bad as I hate to say this, if anyone in my area needs help please holler. I love to work hard and diagnosis systems. My area is scott county, seymour, madison,charlestown,jeff, in so. Indiana. Long post thanks for reading, please wish me luck!!