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    Question Daikin RXYMQ Night Mode

    Howdy folks,

    The Daikin guy will be out at my house today to make tweaks to my Daikin system after the cooling season has started.

    One of things we might end up tweaking is the Night Mode setting that is available in the RXYMQ__PVJU. (VRVIII-S) I'm told there is a setting which will override Night Mode and speed the unit back up if the capacity of the indoor units requires it, which is what I would set it to.

    My question is not of the noise but of the energy. Is night mode strictly an noise-abatement setting, or does it positively affect energy consumption as well? I could see how it could work both ways; condenser fans revving down, possibly compressor revving down below normal settings, but higher head pressure as a result of lower fan speeds.

    To be honest, I could care less about the noise; the system is so quiet now that my neighbors, 10' away, have no idea when my machine is on or off. You can stand 3' away from the thing at full load and barely, barely hear it hum.

    But if there is a way to make it more energy efficient, I'm all for it.


    Thank you!
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    I'm sure that somehow the " night mode " affects performance to some degree , but with no solar heat gain ( night being dark and all ) it would seem that this should not be a problem. Unless there is a comfort issue I would leave it in place.

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    Not sure with Daikin as haven't fitted one for a while but in night mode in the makes I'm more familiar with the set point is allowed to raise in cooling or drop if its in heating by a few degrees after a few hours run time, the idea is you won't notice a few degrees as you are asleep and it will result in an energy saving as the ac isn't working so hard.

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