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    Quote Originally Posted by trail2home View Post
    Soo, I'm guessing you didn't get my re-sent email since I haven't gotten a response yet. I'll send it again. Please let me know if you're still interested. Thanks!
    I honestly was kinda busy the last few days... forgot about it (sorry)... And no, the resent Email did not get here.

    My Email goes through Network Solutions, they have been having issues the last week or so... maybe it is stuck on one of their servers. Regardless, if you would resend, we can go from there:

    Home dot service (at) CHS-Inc dot net


    Quality work at a fair price with excellent customer service!

    Romans Ch's 5-6-7-8

    2 Chronicles 7:14

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    Would it work better if you emailed me instead? My email is my username I'm guessing it is stuck on a server somewhere as it didn't bounce back to me using either address.

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    Hi GA-HVAC-Tech,
    I just re-sent an email to you. Hopefully you get it. Please let me know, thanks!

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