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    Happy fourth and some cool stuff from Testo...and good news on 552 micron gauge.

    Happy Fourth everybody,
    Boss was looking over our 570 printers and discovered they had a 6v power supply input.

    So he ordered the kits and now I can say both our 570 kits are complete.
    We also got new 552 micron gauges.
    Testo finally got the 552 shipshape by re calibrating it as a factory setting rather than field performed function.

    We got our new 552s and tested them in series with a BluVac and a DV22n. There were all with in tolerance.

    Uncle is happy (FOR A CHANGE!) cause now he is recording everything he sees on a system. Memorizing all those 570 function took a while there are so many.

    There just isn't enough room in the 570 case for the micron gauge and the appion CRTS and vac coupler and the Nylog.

    Wish Testo would make a case big enough for all the stuff.

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