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    new HVAC guy

    What's going on everybody, just got a job as A helper at a HVAC company, no experience, or schooling but I'm ready to learn and move my way up to tech and service. Im 19 and worked for a grocery store while going to college but decided to drop out and get a real job and learn a good trade.

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    Wont get very far without an EPA 608 certification in whatever it is you want to do. Most go for universal, always a good idea because if you decide to change paths you can work/buy any type of refrigerent needed (as long as its still commercially available) I would bet most people on here are universal also. I am

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    back in the day, that's how guys learned the trade, pay attention.
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    If you are going to apprentice your way into the trade, piece of advice . . . WATCH, LISTEN, and ask QUESTIONS! NEVER think you know more than you really do because you don't know anything. Take advantage of every learning opportunity. You need to earn your way and that won't be a quick or easy process. The guys will only invest in you if they believe you are worth investing in and that is up to you. Get you refrigerant license. Start preparing yourself for NATE certification. Go to every training opportunity you can. Show initiative and always be on time which means you are always 15 mins early in my book. If you're told to do something, do it without hesitation or attitude. Remember you must earn the respect of your peers.

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