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    Need advice on choosing Coleman vs Carrier Air/furnace

    I live in the East and I am trying to replace my two RUUD 30 year old air conditioners/furnaces (I have a two zone heating and cooling) which operated this long without any problem, until recently- one is a two and a half ton and the other one is a 4 ton. We hardly use our air conditioners and thus 13 seers will be fine. Also we keep our house very cold, and like the nights cool thus keep the thermostats at 48 degree max at night. Both guys told us that it will be foolish to go with 80 AFCUs, since state and power company rebates (combined) of $1500 and 400 federal tax credit for high efficiency furnaces can cover most of the 96 AFCU furnace costs. Among several quotes that I have received two looked promising in terms of pricing.
    One is a Coleman 13 seer and two stage 96 AFCU (do not know model numbers)
    and the other one is Carrier 13 seer, singe stage 96 AFCU (PERFORMANCE™ BOOST 90 59SP5 (100000 and 60000 BTUs replacing my 30 year old 75000 and 115000 BTU furnaces).
    We are not able to decide since we do not know enough about the manufactures/reliabilities and these offerings to decide which one is a better deal. Also we are not sure why the Carrier guy proposed 100K and 60 K BTU furnaces. The Coleman guy will probably match the furnace capacities closed to the existing ones.
    Both said they will give programmable thermostats – but which kind should I be asking for?
    Coleman is giving a 10 year labor and 10 year parts warranty whereas Carrier is giving 5 yr labor and 10 year parts.
    We will sincerely appreciate your expert advice from this forum.

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    I need a quick answer. Can somebody please reply? Thanks.

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