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    Heat Pump & Air Handler Matching, No AHRI Data

    Hey Guys,
    Can someone set me straight once and for all on heat pump and air handler matching with no AHRI data. Looking at Rheem 5 ton heat pump (15 seer) and Rheem 5 ton air handler (up to 16 Seer), no AHRI data available. I have a confined space for the air handler, looking at he RBHP series. Will I be ok if there is no AHRI data available, don't want to have to remodel my home to make it fit unless I just have to.
    Rheem Air Handler RBHP-25J11SH7
    Rheem Heat Pump 15PJL60A01

    Thanks everyone for your help!

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    When you don't use an approved match with a heat pump, you can run into operational difficulties. Since coil match is so critical with a pump, biggest threat is insufficient refrigerant volume capability with the indoor coil. Since heat mode needs less gas than the cool mode, an undersized indoor coil means trouble in heat mode. The RBHP uses the old Multiflex coil vs the N coil of the RHLL/RHKL called for. So you could run into high head issues in heat mode and have to change the refrigerant charge twice a year to get it to work right. Or look through Rheem's ratings until you find a heat pump that is rated with the RBHP and use that one instead of the 15PJL. After years of nightmares with the cube heat pumps, I so much prefer seeing the boys sell the good ones.

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    If you are really concerned about power bills look for ways to reduce heating and cooling loads. 5 tons a BIG unit, is your house really leaking that much air? Does your ductwork really support 2,000 CFM of airflow? (Hint: most don't).

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