In a 1+ acre pond 11-to-13ft deep with 6 gpm spring run over...

12 x 1" x 420 ft coils at nearly 5 gpm each off set the operating ex[ense of chilling process 94*f fluids to 83 to 81 deg returning in 70-deg to 40 deg pond temps , respectively.

rack and 7ft dia coils of 6" apart centers and 2 " apart layers (like disk-coils, parallel to the grade) are on a 1996-1997 rack construction of 2"pvc by 60-ft x 10ft rack and weighted with blocks

550 feet away from the load, headers of 2" pipe feeds are 6ft deep in 2 ft wide ditch to under 7ft deep at the building slab footrs to come up close through a slab near a wall .

1.1/2hp pump in slow ~40 gpm, to 56+ gpm series 3 hp (but 1 or the other pump, not both on at a same time, smaller over-amped motor saver trips, volume not calculated as could have been)

saving 80%+ over a 25hp high eff chiller and a pump tech checking a bit vs. refg tech and related maintenance.

The regular chiller does at times also heat cheaper than nat gas off of the loop in the winter, when not in heat-reclaim use with process.

manual differentiating by co process tech could be more automated in a few ways-