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    WSHP & fluid cooler education

    In a water source heat pump application why would one choose to make a large closed circuit fluid cooler selection at 85 EWT 75 LWT 64 WB instead of a smaller unit at 95 EWT 85 LWT 64 WB? I understand the relationship between approach and fluid cooler size. As the approach is increased the fluid cooler size is decreased but what benefits come from selecting such a large unit? Is it that the colder LWT on the larger fluid cooler reduces the work required by the individual heat pumps thus saving energy? In other words, are we trading first cost with energy savings?

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    climate, pump sizes, GPM, pressure drop, Altitude or to meet the heat pump spec's and the design the engineer is trying to achieve will determine size

    I would expect higher EWT of 103 and LWT of 89 WB most cases...every little change increases or decreases cost.

    When you talk about energy savings for this type of system you have to look at the whole. you want to maintain a constant loop temp in summer and winter. you want to make sure your heat pumps are maintained properly. Loop pressure and sequence of operation are all important.

    But just looking at the tower, you want to size it for the estimated load and how well it can transfer the heat to the atmosphere at a given set of values
    most important WB.. with all that in mind you don't want to install a tower for a 500 heat pump system in a building with 100....bigger is not better, it is a waste of money

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