Good day all,

My name is Dave and I'm new here. To the point, I was laid off 1 mo. ago. I live in south central PA. I'm about 40 minutes fro B-more and 1 hour from DC and 1 hour from Harrisburg PA.

I've been installing controls ( mostly HVAC ) for the past 8 years +/- and have a strong electrical back ground. I would love to stay in the controls world as long as possible, and to learn programming. The Co. that laid me promised me for 2 years to teach me prog. I was told "as soon as it slows down we will send you with a programmer" well it slowed down and I was kicked in the "boys" and sent on my way. How's that for the loyalty and quality work I gave them. ( sorry just had to get that off my chest )

To the point, I'm not here begging for a hand out but the Co's I want to work for just don't advertise, how do I go about looking for them ie; I installed controls for large hospitals, Govt. buildings, chillers, boilers Andover controls, Automated Logic, etc.etc. any help or direction will be greatly appreciated.