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Thread: R22 usage

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    R22 usage

    I have a Chiller at work the first compressor is trashed, R22 recovered. Second circuit needs Top end kit and all the R22 was recovered by contractor and removed from site. Was given a signed work order today, to put the circuit back on. I've C.M.A, on what could happen and the bean counters are taking responsiblity. The work order said to put the old refrigerant back in the chiller. Which got me thinking. Seems there was an EPA rule that you could put recovered refrigerant in a unit if it was from the same job site. Would hate to put new R22 in this machine. Looked on EPA's site and couldn't find that particular rule. PS They emailed me, that they are replacing the chiller this year.

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    I do resi, so the rules may be different...

    As I understand it: You can re-use refrigerant as long as the equipment is owned by the same customer. This is the reason apartment buildings (that bother to recover) can use the same R-22 over and over. Pity the new compressors...

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    You can only put any recovered refrigerant back into the original owners equipment. Doesn't matter what or where the equipment is as long as it is the same owner. Other than that it goes back for reclaim.

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    Use a drier

    If you are concerned about wether the refrigerant is clean you can alway pump or feed it through a drier.

    As far as the legal issue goes, I agree with everyone else, it is also my understanding that as long as its the same owner it okay.
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    I have also always gone by same owner

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    this is what the epa says.

    3. Reclamation Requirement
    EPA has also established that refrigerant recovered and/or recycled can be returned to the same system or other systems owned by the same person without restriction. If refrigerant changes ownership, however, that refrigerant must be reclaimed (i.e., cleaned to the ARI 700-1993 standard of purity and chemically analyzed to verify that it meets this standard) unless the refrigerant was used only in a motor vehicle air conditioner (MVAC) or MVAC-like appliance and will be used in the same type of appliance. (Refrigerant used in MVACs and MVAC-like appliances is subject to the purity requirements of the MVAC regulations at 40 CFR Part 82 Subpart B.) EPA updates the list of reclaimers as new companies are added

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