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    Wireless sensors

    I was wondering if anyone had any experience in the use of wireless sensors in a controls system. I am looking to do some to run some sensors out in a school for night setback and need something reliable. I am bringing the sensor back to a lon device(15c or RIO).

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    I have utilized Thermokon. I like the hardware. Their receivers are Lonworks so you don't need an extra LON RIO device.

    However, in the office building setting you need alot of receivers if going through walls and it seems (I'm still working with them) that the sensors respond a little slow. The typical receiver accepts 10 sensors, but I think you will run out of range before you run out of receiver space.

    Definitely get their little antenna for the receiver if going long distances. You will hardly notice it visually.

    These room sensors are solar powered but I'd pre-price and put in the optional batteries for backup.

    Very fast install, but binding takes extra time and also the pricing is expensive so unless it's really hard to install some wires, you aren't saving money over wired sensors, it's going to cost you more.

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    Check Spinwave Systems, cost effective.

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    First- Always be upfront about your manufacturer representation.

    Second- (since you opened that door) your web site has little information on what gateways are available for fieldbus technologies.

    So, you say you are cost effective, but nowhere on the web site is their any cost information or distribution channels.

    It's one thing to put in a wireless network, but if you have to hardwire I/O to your BAS controllers what's the purpose? It needs to dump info directly into the network. I don't see that your product can do that by the literature on your web site.

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    I have tried the BAPI (Building Automation Products) version of wireless sensors/receivers. The site that I tried them on had an underground wine celler and they transmitter up into the building with no problem. They also make repeaters if needed. ALPS controls sells them, they're affordable too. The thermostat looks like a standard wall stat, you have no idea that it's wireless. The batteries are supposed to last for 6 years! You have to mate them once, then you move the stat to wherever you want within range.

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