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    Arrow We Need Some Top Gun On Those Iranian ............

    We Need To Get Some Balls I Mean Ronald Reagan Balls And Knock There Heads In The Sand< We Should Have Taken Them Out Then Irag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!111

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    in a tree looking in your window
    I guess I'll jump on here before this thread gets sent to ARP.

    I loved Ronald Reagan and wish there was someone out there who I could get excited about voting for in 08 but it doesn't look very good at this time. I agree that Iran needs a good ass whooping but nobody has the stones to do it, except Israel.
    If you dont stand behind our troops, please feel stand in front of them.

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    I love that post especially then end . what is the ARP

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    ARP=All Retards Post here.
    Quote Originally Posted by greenhornetn View Post
    I love that post especially then end . what is the ARP

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