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    Phm the second wire pull to replace the thought to be damaged wire was most definitely shielded wire and while the readings from three different meters still picked up tenbl less volts it was still enough to cause interference

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    It's hard to believe that an induced voltage would be enough to try to pull a contactor in. I also don't see a need for shielded cable but if you do use shielded for filtering only ground one end. I have run into ductdetectors being very far from the unit and the electricians run their red 18 gauge solid wire to far and cause drastic voltage drops when contactors are trying to pull in. I have added PAM relays in this scenario and eliminated the IR drop. I had a hard time reading the whole post so sorry if this was not the case.
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    Was my post that bad? Could I have made it easier to read?

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    No; you were OK. It's just that after everybody scans and reads and posts ten times it becomes a little like whisper-down-the lane - the original details can get somewhat muddied. <g>


    Quote Originally Posted by northeastnewbie View Post
    Was my post that bad? Could I have made it easier to read?
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