The boss bought an Sman 4 for himself and one for me early this year. Summer came way late and ours SMANs did not see much usage until the past two or three weeks.

Bosses SMAN started leaking by from the hi side so FP sent him a new one 2nd day air. Now this one was is leaking by too. To say the boss was pissed is an understatement. He called FP and pretty much was not taken very seriously by the tech. No solution was was offered by the the tech.

Boss called the next day loaded for bear. Got another tech who explained that the new SAMN 4s have a different valve gasket that needs to be torqued down tighter than one would usually consider to make a leak tight seal.

Uncle is admittedly a tough customer but the treatment he received
from FPs first tech was un-deserved. Our company has been a strong supporter of FP even when the our instruments did no perform as advertised.

We will continue to support FP but I feel this incident needed airing.

Also we are on FP email list. A service bulletin should have been issued on the new gaskets in the SMAN 4. Boss was also informed they received a small number of SMAN 4s back for this reason.

Just thought this was important enough to inform others who might have had the same problem.