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    York YSC Oil Management

    I removed refrigerant and oil from this chiller (water cooled screw) because of oil loss and refrigerant leaks. I am ready to pump the oil into the chiller and need to know the procedure for this. Do the oil lines need to be primed before startup and if so, any tricks of the trade would be greatly appreciated.

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    Pump in the same amount of oil you took out into the oil seperator, You dont need to prime the lines, jump from #1 to #18 inside the control panel. This should be your oil pressure switch, but double check it from your wiring diagram. When you start it just keep an eye on the machine and your oil level, its not going to hurt running it like that for 4 or 5 minutes. Your oil level and pressure should stabalizes quickly. Check your oil level in the sight glass when everything settles out to make sure you have the right oil level.

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    Just put the oil back in the seperater and the refrigerant back in the machine. 3 to 4 gallons in the seperater gets the oil level switch made with no problem. Hopefully you are using York "S" oil for the machine. The charges on most of the machines I have seen are off. Depending on machine size I would charge it 50 to 100 pounds light to start and check for carryover. When your DSH goes in the crapper and you go off into refrigerant overcharge, you'll know you missed the boat. The cooler sight glass level charging instructions in the book are useless. JMHO

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