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    Lonworks Specialist needed

    There is a job in Quebec City where we need a Lonworks specialist to configure our AC unit. What is required by the technician is LonMaker (or equivalent tool to upload a NXE file to the Lonworks card) and hardware necessary to perform the upload.

    We are using a Carel controller if that helps.

    If anyone knows field technicians that can perform this simple task, or have links or phone numbers please reply. Also looking for techs in the Toronto, Ontario region.



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    Is there external access to the buildings network via the internet? Is the system connected so there is access to the control system via the internet?
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    In this case settings need to be made with the A/C units controller (Carel) and then the NXE file can be uploaded. I do believe they have already configured the Carel controller and all that is needed is to upload the NXE file.
    Whether it is connected so that it can be done over the net I am not sure.

    Anyway prefer to have someone go to the site.

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