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    florida relocation time

    hi guys --

    i see these all the time, now i guess its my turn -- 15 yrs in the field -- first 5 doing installs, last 10 doing mostly service, with the occasional changeout or new build -- very well tested in all areas of install, if i cant figure out how to install it, probably cant be done lol -- have built just about anything we do in this trade -- from mini splits to walkin freezers, from 60k btu furnaces to 100 ton water towers --

    learned to service it along the way , have decent troubleshooting knowledge, control wiring, refrigerant cert, have taken many courses, classes and seminars along the way, from alco valve semainars to york, manitowoc and hoshizaki classes, rses, and more. licensed in rhode island and formerly in north carolina

    have thrived in the ri/ma/ct region for many years now, but tired of the cold, want some new challenges -- my strong suit is light commercial restaraunts, offices, convenience stores and the like -- i m able to build good relations with customers to keep them coming back - the company i last worked for was mostly coffee shops and office buildings, was fine till a layoff late last fall.

    am looking for options in fla -- i have the ability to just be a tech, driving from service call to service call, handling breakdowns -- i can be the pm guy, changing filters all day -- i can chase down crews and help them out of jams in a working supervisor type of role, hell, i even had a job a few years back where we had to do all our own pricing, so i can work prices if needed, given the proper imformation, or the ability to get it.

    as for location, we are fond of the ocala-orlando-daytona triangle, something inside that, or even somewhat towards gainesville seems a strong area right now -- relocation help would be great, at least a line on a good rental while i look to buy -- ive been looking along sr 40 for housing on the net, and im leaning on finding something near there (thats what i think from here anyway lol) -- also seems to make business sense to me, puts me in the middle of 3 decent metro areas -- the last 5 yrs ive been putting 600-900 a week running service in this area, cant be much different there.

    thanks for reading this, havent found the old resume, so ill be working on a new one, but hopefully this mini interview will help -- email me at with offers or ideas, ill be glad to reply here or in confidence via email

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