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Thread: fluke repair

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    fluke repair

    does anybody know where i can send my meter to be repaired. Where i was working before had us doing hot side calls too. I set my meter on top of an oven and it melted the back. It still works but the jack for the leads is loose as a goose and the back battery cover plate is deformed. Is this fixable or am i looking at a new meter. If i need a new meter what would you reccomend to replace my fluke 376 with i flex. I dont know if i wanna drop another 500 on a meter but i really like the idea of the fluke 87 with current clamp. I am commercial ac now only and my company does do alot of chiller work even though im stiil just a rooftop guy for now.

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    Contact Fluke directly. They have a great repair service. I sent my 88 in to them with a display issue long after it was out of warranty and they treated me very well. Not sure what they will do about melting but a new case shouldn't be that much if you like the meter.

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