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    What kind of guy do I need?

    I don't know if I call an excavator, a plumber, a concrete guy, or someone else for this. When it rains, my unfinished basement floor is wet. I know some water is coming up from the ground so I need a sub pump, but this photo shows a window where there is water coming down the inside of the basement wall and winding up on the floor. I assume a good deal of the issue is the concrete walk probably isn't sloped away from the house due to settlement and the house being older than any of you.

    I have no french drain and can only assume an outside french drain (where they'd have to dig up a foot or so of the walk way and around the whole house) would be better than one on the basement floor to stop the water from even getting into the basement.

    So what type of trade do I look up on the yellow pages for estimates that would alleviate my problem?
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