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    Rustolium has a new product that looks pretty amazing. I don't know how to put up a youtube link but there are examples of what it does there. What uses would it have in our industry? Has anybody used it and knows it's durability?

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    Coating your tools would keep them from rusting. Coat tool bag. Coat your boots and pant legs if it's raining. I would think coating the seat in your truck would keep it from getting nasty when you have an extra dirty day of work. Coating work gloves (probably not osha approved, though) would keep them lasting longer from dirt or rain soaking through and getting your hands swampy. Coat safety glasses or grinding shields might make the crap flying your way not adhere to the lenses (plus make your sweat drip off so you don't have to continually wipe them to see). Maybe coating your vehicle would keep dirt and bird crap from sticking.... a cleaner truck makes for a better appearance to customers. A coat on your floor mats would make cleanup easier. Coat the knees of your work pants would make the guys laugh at you less because it won't appear you spend much time on them. Coating any steps into your work truck would make them less slippery.

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    Check the never wet fail videos. It appears that it may not work as well as it has been advertised. Great technology but may need some more work or better preparation before spraying whatever you want to waterproof.

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