Â*NIKE Max Air is the launch of a second cushion, which is based on the first launch of NIKE AIR cushion improvements made . Launched in 1987 and used in that year's classic shoes AIR MAX 1 on which shoe is named AIR MAX 1 because it is the first dual- equipped MAX AIR cushion sneakers.
Â*NIKE MAX AIR cushion cushion will belong to the series, which will use gas to the limit, is the best face of a shock protection system , because people movement feet repeatedly impacts the ground , be physical and athletic performance caused great damage , MAX AIR cushion athletes can share the load of powerful impact,Outlet Nike Air Max Classic BW Shoes, giving players complete protection .
Â*2006 ,Cheap Sale Men's Nike Air Max 2013, NIKE developed the AIR MAX 360. 360 degrees AIR MAX cushion ( divided outside the open skylight and built-in air cushion air cushion , etc. ) .
Â*AIR MAX 360 focuses for the runners to provide more comfortable wearing feeling and better athletic performance. No foam midsole full- cushion technology structure , to bring you a new feeling to walk --- even more flexible , more stable , more comfortable, revolutionary air cushion system into the AIR MAX 360 air-cushion technology , to mention the most comfortable wearing of feelings, in a pair of sneakers on the use of so many air cushion technology . It is also for NIKE initiative , in addition to today's Anta Jelly with similar functionality , but the production of models and material deviations , have good shock absorption .