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This might be the first time we disagreed. You have to use the furnace, coil, and condenser, all together to get the ARI rated 14.5 seer. Now you can use the aspen coil with the 14.5 Ruud condenser and standard 80% furnace that will get you to 15 seer, problem is with the aspen coil, you will not qualify for the 5 year condenser replacement, you have to use the Ruud coil, to qualify for that option. Go figure, aspen coil gets you to 15 seer, Ruud coil gets you to 14.5 seer. If you used the Ruud coil, Ruud 14.5 condenser and furnace with the X-13 motor that combo will get you to 15 seer.

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You are correct to disagree with me, as I had a brain fart when I wrote that. What I meant to say is exactly what you wrote.

Now that we've cleared that up, I'm still looking for my SEER meter so I can go measure the real-time SEER output of my new home system...