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    How do multi-zone ductless mini splits achieve multiple circuits, heads?

    My google and search skills are not turning up anything about how these
    things work in regards to multiple heads. I'm thinking they don't
    have a compressor for each head/circuit, but I have no idea how they
    achieve that? Maybe they have one motor and multiple compressing
    pumps? Scroll of some sort or what? I'm simply very curious as I had
    one today. (This house had three heads and two outside units.
    These things were 30 years old. Sanyo. Two of them are working just
    fine still. The one is low on refrigerant. A fast leak, evidently as it was
    cooling fine just a week ago. But I don't care about these units--so if
    anybody asks me about pressures and ambient and airflow (!), I SWEAR
    I'm going to slit my wrists. )

    My questions and interests are just about DMS in general.
    Thank you.
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