I have a fault with a cgam046 trane chiller . It faults on high suction temperature . I found that the suction temp sensor was out of calibration by 3 degrees . Is there any way of calibrating the sensor . If I need to change the sensor does the gas charge need to be removed . I could pump the system down but as it only holds 15 kg of r410 it would not take long to reclaim. It looks like the sensor sits in a pot and has no direct contact with the refrigerant .
Also has anyone had gas leak issues with the air cooled condensors on these units . It appears that I have a gas leak on the other circuit in the middle of the coil where the pipework is supported [oil leak] . This chiller is only about 3 years old and is one of 3 . I have had contactors fail and a condenser fan motor issues on the other units as well as main circuit breakers fail . Easy to navigate through the display but reliability a bit of a concern .