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    Yea that sounds about right Jared. It is an issue throughout the entire defrost. In this case there are 13 other circuits being fed.

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    What I did was set up the defrosts every hour, with each def being approx 20-30 min.

    There will be a short period after every defrost where the system can run "normal" without any defrosts, before the next defrost will kick in at the next hour.

    I suppose it may be worth experimenting with 2 circuit defrosts at a time, so that you can have more time between the defrost cycles. Plus, you would theoretically have more liquid coming back to the liquid header and one less load sucking it up.

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    So this one specific circuit is starving liquid when any of the other circuits are in their hot gas defrost sequences? Yet all the others are getting the liquid and running decent?

    And the obvious thing to me, is your saying it starts to loose DA Temp right away, and stays high till we exit a defrost sequence.

    What I am speculating is, where do we loose the liquid in that circuit, during a hot gas defrost sequence? Is it at the header? Is it down the liquid run to that case somewhere?

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