Hey guys, I have an issue with a Tyler NC2 rack. Everytime i put a circuit into defrost it starves the last circuit of liquid. This system has a DDPR on it with a 20# differential. It also has the liquid bypass stat set at 70 that cycles a NC solenoid valve. On the dropleg between the condenser and reciever is another NO solenoid valve (it is not a OLDR) with an IPR and a check valve around it. It is also equipped with an OPR on the gas bypass line. This is a hot gas system not latent gas. The condenser fans are cycled off of pressure as follows: bank 1-190, bank 2-215, bank 3-225, bank 4- 240. Its 90F outside today and the discharge pressure is around 250psig. R404A system. I know im probably forgetting some stuff, so just ask for more info if needed. Why is it starving the last circuit?