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    older food prep table and 414b help

    I am working on an older randell food prep table.It was not cooling and I found 2 tags on it where,someone in 1997 recharged with suva m38 i think it said,which i believe is 401a.Then in 2010 someone charged with 414b hotshot(which I have on truck)The problem is a lack of knowledge on this freon.Normally if the original charge was say 10 oz It would be charged to 8 oz,20% less.My problem is I have no idea what the original charge was.The last tech put a sticker on that said he charged to 1lb 4oz.Seems like a LOT to me.So i charge 1lb 4oz and can only maintain 50 deg,and suction line is frozen.Under charge or overcharge.I know on r12 that would indicate an overcharge,but not sure with 414b.The discharge is extremely hot,so i know it is transferring heat and I assume the evap has to be frozen solid again,thus the no cool.Anyone familiar and willing to help me out here

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    I'm assuming it has a cap tube, or does it have a txv. If you check your superheat and subcooling, that will give you an idea whats going on. Also what are your pressures? Also are the evaporator and condenser clean, and fans working properly. The evaporator will have to be clean and free of ice to get accurate pressures and superheat readings.

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    Hi Mike,thanks for the reply.It does have a cap tube.I don't know about the super heat.all fans are running and condenser and evap are clean.I scaled in 1lb 4oz per the last known it is iced over back to the compressor.I have to go out in the am to try and figure this out.Is that line frozen generally for an overcharge or undercharge?

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    Is it medium temp or low temp? If its medium temp the suction line should not have ice on it by the compressor. That would be kind of a red flag. On a medium temp if it was low on charge your suction line would probably be about ambient temp by the compressor.

    What where you're pressures while it was running?

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    cap tube ?
    if so charge it with the frost line to the compressor. With-in 6inches

    414b is a good medium temp replacement for r12

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