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The only thing I'm pro on is Liberty and Freedom, how many times to I have to tell you this.

Stop trying to put me in your Glenn box with neatly little explanations written on it, Roy is this and Roy is that, so you can throw your words ammo at me, like Roy is pro gay and Roy is an atheist et, etc.

I'm nothing like you think I am, I'm an individual who has seen it all, all the goodness of mankind, and all the nastiness of mankind. In my younger years the Allied Forces actively tried to kill me by raining bombs on my head, I survived, and oddly enough I'm now an American, and I'm fighting for the survival of an ideology who's time has come, and that is Liberty and Freedom for ALL, not just for people that are like me, but for all who want Liberty and Freedom to be what makes them happy, as long as they don't interfere with mine.

Even though the original founders of this country couldn't always live up to everything, I think they at least gave us a path to get there, if we have the will. It's a gift to us and those who came to this country, for many like me who came from terrible places and circumstances, know exactly what this Liberty and Freedom is all about, and it aint about building the fourth Reich.

I'm too old and crippled to run, and running aint in my nature any way.......this time I'm going to fight for what was promised to me when I took the oath, and that's Liberty and Freedom.

And if someone doesn't like what I have to say, I'm going to tell them to FOAD.

Well tell me this roy. Is there any limits what so ever to your pro liberty and Freedom rights? Can you just do anything in public that you want to as long as it doesn't physically harm someone or endanger them?

Can you say have sex in public in a public city park or walk down a public sidewalk in the nude? Is this OK or not. If you agree its not then do you think two gay men should be able to suck face in public? Where do you draw the line or do you?

That's what I meant by your apparent pro-gay stance here. Just need a little clarification because quite frankly I am a little confused here on your beliefs. I do not care to mislabel you here in anyway whatsoever.

You are a libertarian that is for sure but just want to know how far your individual rights go as to not interfere with those of us who want to go out in public with our families without the fear of seeing open debauchery so to speak.

I don't have the fear of a moral and nationalist government that you have. I can understand how you feel especially from the tragedies which you and yours endured in your youth. Wish that war never happened.

Now one last thing. What is FOAD? Be nice to know what acronym you are using here. Thank you, thank you very much.