The DOMA verdict is a win for states rights but the Prop 8 verdict has repercussions way beyond SSM, and a clear loser for state rights. In DOMA the federal Gov. was discriminating against states that allow SSM and that was a clear violation of the constitution.

Prop 8 was a referendum to a state constitution that the current governor refused to agree with. The people brought it to SCOTUS and were deemed unqualified to argue. Clearly this is another power grab to politicians. So if the people pass a resolution and the state leader doesn't like it he can ignore it and the people have no recourse is what this case is about.

Divide and conquer is the modern politicians play book.

So go ahead and gripe and moan about SSM while the walls of liberty keep crashing down before us. We have a state that is spying on us at its whim, a state taking away freedoms in the name of perpetual wars (terror and drugs), and making us all become slaves to the code and regulation bureaucracy, not mention the redistribution of wealth and property in the name of entitlements. But. We are too busy arguing who can marry who and it really is none of our business. The state loves you for doing this.