I have been puzzling over my notes - scribbled from memory after the fact as the job was a rain-out at the end - and now I'm not even sure whether they came from this 407 job or not! <g> The more I think about it the more confused I get. So I guess I have to run back over there - I'll explain it a a gesture of good will: just want to make sure everything is perfect for you. <g>

I won't bother mentioning the real reasons. <g>


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Customer had/has a leaking evap - would not replace a month ago.
Customer had a compressor fail - would not replace evap now.
I installed an R407 condenser and a huge LL drier

This is the result:

Outdoor Ambient 82
Indoor Ambient 82
Head press 180 lbs = bubble point 85
Suction press 75 lbs - dew point 38
LL temp 72
Subcooling = 13
Suc temp 66
SSH = 28
Evap air TD - 82-65 = 17

How does it look to you?