Fridge, I have complained numerous times about the use of the term "tea bagger" not because the Leftists choose a nickname for conservatives opposed to our present government but because "tea bagging" is a term used to describe a sexual act utilizing male genitalia, which I find disgusting. I was told to get over it because it was a term already in common use.

Are the PC police to dictate what monikers we can apply to each other (as long as they are not profane)? What would be acceptable? Leftist? Fascist? Statist? A little research will show these terms are not simply terms of derision but correctly applied to the current mindset of about half of our country and leaders. In other words, its stating facts. If those terms carry some degree of discomfort for some them maybe they should look at just what those terms mean or embrace and reconsider their own beliefs because if socialism or communism or fascism make you uncomfortable, then perhaps you need to do a little soul searching.

To outlaw those terms would, to me, be a First Amendment violation of sorts. I don't have a problem with these people calling me a "republican" or "conservative" or "tea partier" or "libertarian" or "constitutionalist" or "patriot".