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    hussmann rack condenser coils isolation for leak repairs help?

    need help on how to isolate hussmann R-22 low temp rack condenser coils, without using recovery machine.

    it has in series heat reclaim coils with condenser coils. 4 copeland compressors.S# NS-18-79 /F.O.NO 802581-31
    if front seated King valve at receiver, how to pump down condenser refrigerant into the receiver?
    there is ball valve after the reclaim valve to condenser, if valve off still would not push out gas in condenser coils.

    have done many low side isolation before but never on hi side.

    found a small leak at rooftop the condenser coils and planning to repair it sometime next week.


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    valve off condenser , use reclaim coil as condenser, hose connection from condenser to suction before accum. let her rip. give it an hour and use recovery to remove remaining gas in coil.

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    ^ that is really the ONLY efficient way to do it without reclaiming everything out of the condenser, after front seating in and out service valves at the receiver. There will always be some left over liquid stacked inside the coil, that you generally can just throw back into the suction header. Your heat reclaims are your saving grace here. Use them and save yourself a very long and boring leak repair.

    If its a Walmart, you have seasonal bypass solenoids and ball valves you can use to isolate the condenser coils completely. Love Walmart refrigeration. xD

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